“For the love of my son. Designed by a Luka, because of a Luka”
The journey to creation of this brand has been a long one. With a background and education in design and garment construction, almost two decades experience in fashion retail, market research, a 9-year-old son with ASD, sensory issues and chronic eczema, my learning, experience and ideas are vast, relentless and ever evolving.
My passion and intention for this clothing line are one and the same, to produce clothing of quality, for them to be visually, physically, sensory and skin sensitivity condition appropriate. To minimise pain, stress and aggravation for all kids who wear them and all loved ones who buy them. To bring peace and ease to the wearers.
The distinguishing design concepts of my range compared to another, vary from minor detail to structural re-design.
Many details and characteristics have been considered in the creation of this range:
Fit, Comfort, Movement, Safety, Colour, Pattern, Fabric, Sound, Size, Feel, Style, Design, Price, Environment, Construction, Manufacturing, Fashion.

Design & Manufacturing


The range is Unisex, without harsh aggressive stereotypical colours. Designed to minimise over stimulation whilst remaining fashion forward in design and colour palette.
The fit is customised within European size charts and the manufacturing has been diligently chosen to reinforce the quality and standards our brand stands by like social responsibility and consciousness to manufacturing process, the environment and responsible employment ethics.
The manufacturer uses water purification units and processors daily, nature-gas in their factories and produce their own electricity with their cogeneration systems.
Further to this, Love& Luka Clothing’s innovative concepts have been developed and manufactured to high quality standards approved by ECOTEX 100 quality certificates and textiles processed according to the Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS).